zimoun : 150 prepared dc-motors, cardboard elements, cardboard boxes 13x13x13cm, 2014

agnès varda’s sans toit ni loi

agnès varda’s sans toit ni loi

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les rallizes denudes - white waking

conrad schnitzler - magic party

gail laughton - pompeii 76 a.d

robert ashley died today at 83.


brian eno with daniel lanois & roger eno ‎– apollo - atmospheres & soundtracks

ctm workshop: charles cohen

leo gunn - dancing with dreams

annexus quam - kollodium 

"she was real, real like concrete, by herself walk like she own the street…"

tricky feat. francesca belmonte - valentine (andy stott remix) 

pilooski - aaa /re-edit of nora dean - angle la la (1969)/

ennio morricone - voce seconda (haruomi hosono remix)

beat detectives - deep web


pavle popov - daydreaming /for double bass duo/